PostConsumer Reports—thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two—is the blog and podcast of pastor, writer, music leader, podcaster, and musician Chris Marchand. We cover the arts, music, film, television, literature, history, theology, the Bible, comedy, liturgy, worship music, and sometimes even sports.

Chris is Pastor of Worship and Music at Epiphany Anglican Mission in Peoria, Illinois (www.epiphanypeoria.org) and an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA).  After working as headmaster and teacher at Aletheia Christian School from 2010-2018 (www.peoriaclassical.org) he spent 2018-19 as a hospital chaplain resident in a CPE program at OSF Medical center in Peoria. He is married and has three boys and a daughter. His book Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas (Wipf & Stock) is coming out late in 2019 and he has had articles appear in Reformed Worship, Christianitytoday.com, and Worshipleader.com. For the podcast, he has been able to interview Phil Joel, Charlie Peacock, Stu G, Glenn Kaiser, Fernando Ortega, Reed Arvin, Lester Ruth, and David Leo Schultz. He finds this amazing.

The blog and podcast features a number of different ongoing series on worship music, the CCM industry, Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, and the local arts scene in Peoria. Our obsession here is to search for meaning and beauty in all things rendered through the lens of Christian theology.

Finally, Chris is available to speak or write on various topics concerning the arts and theology, the arts in the church, liturgy and church music, and more general sermons and devotionals. You can contact him at cmarch34@gmail.com.


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