Summer To Do List Part 2: Release My Music

Today is the official last day of summer.

This means I really need to finish up my summer to do list.

I certainly have not read all the books on my summer reading list, but I have not done that bad on it either.

I also have not put up a blog entry since June.

Summer has been busy—the last month and a half especially so since I have been gearing up for the start of the school year (I am the headmaster and a teacher at a small private school).

This is a very important blog post for me—so much so I will cut right to the chase:
As of now I am officially releasing my music on the internet.

Over the years I have written many many songs and a few of them I have even recorded.

As of now I have two albums, one from 2004 entitled Through the Backdoor and one from 2008 entitled 1 + 1 = 1: The Courtship of Green & Blue. 

I have decided to use Bandcamp as the official place you can purchase my music.  Here is the website: http://chrismarchand.bandcamp.com/

I have tried to make the music really affordable, as I realize this is the day and age when people almost expect their music to fall in the range between cheap and free.  You can also stream the songs on the Bandcamp site for free.  More than anything I would appreciate it if you just listen.

My second album has not been (fully) mixed or (in anyway) mastered yet, so I would really like to raise some money from download sales so I can do so.  This music will only reach you in a digital format (rather than a physical CD or LP) and even though I'm not entirely happy about that I am still humbled that I live in a time when my music can be heard by basically everyone--at least theoretically.
(BTW--If you would like a physical copy of my first album they are available and you can contact me about that on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Marchand/8316794572)

I was not going to do all this, but two good friends (you know who you are!!!) kept encouraging me, telling me the music was good and deserves to be heard, and so I finally got up the nerve and put some time into it this summer.

I am especially excited for everyone to hear 1 + 1 = 1 or The Courtship album, as I often call it.  It is an intensely personal set of songs that I wrote leading up to my marriage.  Within them are contained all the passion, confusion, tension, wonder, naivete, and joy that goes in to starting a relationship.  These songs are around 6-9 years old now but I still stand by them.

If you purchase the album you will get a booklet with the download containing lyrics and extensive liner notes.  My hope is that you will all hear a little bit of your own story by entering into our story.  There's a lot of symbolism in everything, so maybe if you are enough of a geek you can unpack some of it.

I hope to release more music over the next year.  Once the Liturgical calendar kicks off again in December (right now we're in boring old ordinary time) I hope to release a set of hymns and sacred songs based off of the church year and on top of that I have a whole other album that I'm prepping to record right now (we'll see what next summer brings).

For now, enjoy and stay tuned.

Here's the info again:
For the music: http://chrismarchand.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Marchand/8316794572)
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