Anyone Want to Host The Rich Mullins Movie in Peoria, Illinois?

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about The new Rich Mullins movie that will be coming out sometime soon, wherein I shared some of my skepticism about the very idea of such a thing (surprisingly it has turned into my most read blog post).

Nonetheless, I totally want to see this movie.  I am so curious as to how they portrayed Mullins and what kind of story they are going to tell about him.  I also want to help promote the movie as much as possible if only to expose more and more people to his music.

Well.....a few days ago the filmmakers announced they have set a premiere date for the film, fittingly in Wichita, Kansas where Mullins lived for a number of years, went to school, and where a huge memorial service was held after he died. The premier is going to be on January 9 (see poster to the left) but the tickets are basically sold out by now and there is no way I would be able to go anyway (distance and too. much. to. do).

But even so, the filmmakers have said they are interested in taking the movie on a tour of the country, especially if theaters or churches are willing to book/host them.  So here is what I want to know:  Does anybody in the Peoria area want to host the Ragamuffin the Rich Mullins movie?  If so, please email the filmmakers here: ragamuffinmovie@gmail.com

I was thinking Apollo Theater would be a great place to see the film but also a church like Riverside Community would work perfectly.  I am sure there are other churches in the area where this would work as well.  Does someone who knows how to pull some strings want to start knocking on a few doors?  Can anybody at WCIC do anything?

There is street team or whatever people can join to help promote the movie, but I am just not good at stuff like that, nor can I expend more energy in my life than I already am (there is a school to run and a church community to be planted).  So anything I can do on my blog is me doing my part.

Rich Mullins had/has a pretty big following in Peoria and I think there would be a lot of interest from people.  I think it would be great for us fans to be able to meet with the filmmakers and hear from their hearts about Mullins and the movie they made to tell his story.

So...can we make this happen?

UPDATE: We were able to show Ragamuffin at two places in Central Illinois the winter of 2014, at Eureka College and Riverside Community Church.

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In case you need a refresher, here is the website for the film (http://ragamuffinthemovie.com/) and here israiler for the movie again:


Unknown said...

Posted to our Facebook page "Heart of Illinois Christian Movie Central" - we're on board, excited, and look forward to it (especially in 2014, as we already have a number of films flooding the area in 2013!).

This played for a week on WBNH 88.5FM earlier this summer, and we will use our spots on the station for more promotion as we get details lined up.


PostConsumer Reports said...

Thanks Rich! Hopefully we can all work together and make it happen.