PostConsumer Reports Podcast Episode 02: Nathan Peterson of Hello Industry (Part 1)

 As I announced a couple of weeks ago I am pleased to begin a new venture here at PostConsumer Reports: 
The PostConsumer 
Reports Podcast.

As I have stated before I am full of lots of questions. Questions that deserve answers and thus I have started a podcast.

On today's podcast (Episode 02) I interview my friend Nathan Peterson who's band Hello Industry has recently released their latest album (entitled Matter).  Nathan loves music and has been working hard at the band thing for many years now but Nathan also has a big heart and wants to see hurting people transformed through music.  In my conversation, among many other things, we talk about the power of music, the conflict that occurs in performer whenever they are onstage, and about how the recent tornado in Central Illinois affected the release of their album (that will be in part 2).

Here is part 1 of the interview. You can stream it here or go to PostConsumer's Soundcloud page to stream it or download it and put in on your ipod/magical fun device.
Please check back next week for part 2.

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Hello Industry Links:

Here is their music page, where the new album is available for download: http://helloindustry.bandcamp.com/
Here is Hello Industry's website: http://www.helloindustry.com/

And here are some of their recent videos, one a music video for their song "Rest in You", recorded live at a recent "Black and White" show and another an interview where Nathan shares about his past battles with depression, how music has helped him, and the vision he has for helping others through Hello Industry.

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Terri Vaughn said...

I just now got around to listening to Part 1 of your interview with Nathan. Fantastic job. Very honest and genuine. Can't wait for Part 2