My 3 Sentence Review of Coldplay's Ghost Stories

Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories contains almost no compelling musical ideas (except for maybe 3 tracks: "Magic", "Midnight", and uh...if I'm being generous "A Sky Full of Stars), manages to make the breakdown of a relationship sound dull, and is the first Coldplay album I actually regret purchasing (and I have all their albums). Consisting of songs with mostly 2 or 4 chord chord progressions, uninteresting ambient sounds, and a slew of synths and drum machines,* they hardly sound like a cohesive band anymore but instead a synthetic studio production. The main question is this: why was something so sub-standard even released into the world at all? 

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[but maybe I'm starting to]

*There is nothing wrong with synth music or drum machines. I love synth music—when it's done well.

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Calvin Morrison said...

Hm, I don't know. I can't agree with you. To my mind this album is great. Maybe it's not so bright as other their albums, but it's great too. Maybe you are not a big fan of Coldplay )) By the wway, I have bought tickets https://ticketcrab.com/coldplay-tickets for all my family to the live perfomance in Sweden in June.