PCR Podcast Episode 06: Mike Condo of Superfan Vinyl on DC Talk's Jesus Freak & What It Takes To Get a Record Made On Vinyl

I am relaunching the PostConsumer Reports Podcast and the first episode back is a good one. It features Mike Condo, general manager of the record label and music store Superfan Vinyl who has just released DC Talk's Jesus Freak on vinyl for the first time (http://www.superfanvinyl.com/). 

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Superfan Vinyl just released DC Talk's Jesus Freak on vinyl for the first time ever in celebration of the album's 20th anniversary. The store also has a number of vinyl exclusives such as Relient K albums and a number of potential upcoming releases. In the interview we get into the process of getting an album made, from acquiring the rights to the masters to getting the record re-mastered and pressed.

Over the past couple of years I have dabbled in making PostConsumer Reports into a podcast along with it being a blog. I have really had some good interview opportunities, from my friend Brandon Lulay on the game he created Hungry Henri, to Nathan Peterson of the Band Hello Industry, to David Leo Schultz the director of Ragamuffin the Rich Mullins biopic, to singer-songwriter Jeremy Casella.

Until now though the "podcast" has only existed on Soundcloud and has not been a podcast in a proper or official way. It is now though and I will be putting up 1 episode a month (for the time being). I am using Libsyn as host for the files and it is available through itunes, Stitcher, and Tunein. Here is the new PostConsumer Reports Podcast page: http://www.postconsumerreports.com/p/podcast-episodes.html

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