Classic Christian Music: A List of Radio Stations, Websites, Books, and Documentaries

I recently put up a post that has been viewed by more people than I ever thought it would. It is about the state Christian Music, or CCM, or "Jesus Music" is in, specifically how the music of older artists (or "legacy" artists) have gone out of print and that for those artists still touring their concerts are relatively small (though faithfully attended by a few). You can view the article here: The Troubled Future Legacy of Christian Music.

If you get the time I recommend reading through all the comments on the article as well. It will show you all the varied responses and perspectives that people have had about what to do with this "problem". I should also say a couple of CCM legends left their own comments there, none other than Gary Chapman and Bob Bennet, and I am incredibly grateful that they took time to read what I wrote and share their own thoughts. 

In reading through the comments I have found two prevailing perspectives:
1.) Those who get really sad and despairingly ask "What can we even do about this?"
2.) Those who say "I've been saying this very thing for years which is why I've started my own online radio station," or others who say "This is why I started a website chronicling all the old artists."

Therefore, for the sake of both these groups I took it upon myself to compile all the websites and radio stations that people recommended. You can also visit my next article, to read some of my ideas as to what could possibly be done to save the Jesus Music of the past (feel free to tear it to shreds): How I Would Save Christian Music.

Before I get to the list, here are two excellent articles that point to the importance of music preservation as well as to the importance of artists in our overly commoditized, industrialized, and technologized culture:

T Bone Burnett's American Fest Keynote Address

How Much of Musical History Has Been Lost To History

Classic Christian Music: A List of Radio Stations and Websites
Radio Stations (regular and online)

Christian Music Archive

CCM Rewound

AccuRadio: Christian Rock Classics (online)

Classic Christian Rock Radio (online)

Classic Christian 24/7 (online)

Christian Classic Rock (online)

Final Flight Radio—Classic Christian Rock (online)

Faith and Friends Radio

Full Circle Jesus Music (online, podcast)

CCM Backtracks (online)

Rob's Classic CCM Radio (Pandora station)

Jesus Music Radio

SnT Radio (online)

CCM Classic (online)

Power Rock Cafe (online)
KCIS 630 Seattle—Classic CCM show, 2:30 p.m. Saturdays

KEZK 102.5 St. Louis—HD2

WVYN 90.9, 105.5  Wayne City, Illinois—Wednesday Vinyl Night, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. CST

Jesus Music Oldies (currently offline)

Under the Radar (onlline, podcast)—plays current, more independent minded, Christian artists 

Comprehensive, Encyclopedic Websites (sometimes containing radio stations):
Christian Music Archive

CCM Rewound 

One Way.org

Today's Christian Music (featuring the archives of CCM Magazine)

Classic Christian Rock Zone

Contemporary Christian Music Songs By Topic

Indie Heaven—features more independent minded, Christian artists 

Spirit You All

School of the Rock—a brief but thorough synopsis of CCM/Jesus Music

Retrospective Blogs

100 Greatest CCM Albums of the 70's

CCM's 500 Best Albums of All Time

Chrindie 95—A collection of essays about alternative Christian rock albums that came out in 1995

Sixpence's This Beautiful Mess Turns 20

Old Christian Music

Jesus Sound Explosion

Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll

Raised By Wolves: The Story of Christian Rock and Roll

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music

Hot Hits: Adult Contemporary Charts: 1978-2001

The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music (CCM Presents)

No Sympathy For the Devil: Christian Pop Music and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism

Gray Sabbath: Jesus People USA, the Evangelical Left, and the Evolution of Christian Rock

God's Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement in America

The Jesus People Movement: A Story of Spiritual Revolution Among the Hippies

Memoirs of a Jesus Freak

Not By Might, Nor By Power: The Jesus Revolution

The Jesus People: Old Time Religion in the Age of Aquarius

Documentaries/Films/Television Shows/DVDs
First Love: A Historic Gathering of Jesus Music Pioneers

Your Love Broke Through: The Keith Green Story

Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher

What God Hath Wrought: Chuck Smith, the founder of the Jesus Movement

Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?

No New Kind of Story: the real story of Tooth and Nail Records

Cornerstone Festival: 20 years and counting

Retrospective and Comprehensive Artist Fansites
Rich Mullins—Calling Out Your Name

Steve Taylor—Sock Heaven


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