BONUS: Vinyl Release of John Van Deusen's With Every Power Wide Awake

John Van Deusen (interviewed in Ep. 67) has just released his album "With Every Power Wide Awake" on vinyl, so we're taking the opportunity to release an bonus episode of a segment of our conversation that didn't make it into the full interview. Also, it's national podcasting day (September), so enjoy the extra podcasting goodness. 

You can find Van Deusen's music at: https://iamjohnvandeusen.bandcamp.com/
Also mentioned in the episode is the music of Nathan Peterson, which you can find at: https://nathanpeterson.bandcamp.com

To get a taste of Nathan's music, you can listen to previous PostConsumer interviews here:
Ep 55: Singer-songwriter Nathan Peterson
Episode 60: A Discussion of Nathan Peterson's "Is It a Sin?"

The PostConsumer Podcast is on a hiatus for the next couple of months, so please listen back to some of our older episodes:

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