Ep 77: Artist and Musician Jimmy Abegg

Jimmy Abegg is a veteran of both the music and art worlds. He also has a heart of gold and is generous with everyone he meets. Currently Jimmy is in need of financial help to complete the building Blind Jimmy's Lighthouse, an art and music studio he's building behind his home. You can support Jimmy through direct donations on his website or by simply buying his artwork, such as hi-resolution prints of his album cover of Charlie Peacock's Lie Down in the Grass. Associated with Rich Mullins's Ragamuffin Band, Charlie Peacock, and the band Vector, our conversation intentionally focuses on his own art and music, especially his plans once his studio gets completed, including recording albums, offering art workshops to the community, finishing his podcast, and writing his memoir. Please take a look at the videos after the episode link for examples of his work throughout the years.

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Examples of Jimmy's work:

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