New Christmas Music and Serving Others Through Lula


This episode features info about Chris's new EP of Christmas music "Let Nothing You Dismay" as well as about Lula (https://www.lulapeoria.com/) a nonprofit in Peoria, Illinois that feeds, clothes, and offers care to those without housing and living on the streets. All proceeds from the EP, available on Bandcamp at: https://chrismarchand.bandcamp.com/album/let-nothing-you-dismay, will go to support Lula. The talk on serving others at Christmas is an excerpt from Tent Theology (https://tent-talks.simplecast.com/), another podcast Chris has been helping produce this year.

You can listen to the episodes here: New Christmas Music and Serving Others Through Lula

Last year I put out a book on the 12 Days of Christmas. If you are interested in the history and traditions surrounding the holiday (and how to incorporate them into your life) the book can be purchased through all these stores:
Christian Book Distributors
Wipf and Stock
Barnes and Noble
Google Play
Lagron Miller (Roman Catholic book, gift, and vestment store in Peoria, Illinois)
Thrift Books

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