Ep 99: Christmas Traditions with April McClure Stewart


Reverend April McClure Stewart join PostConsumer Reports for the 99th episode, which also happens to be our annual Christmas episode! It's the last show of the year and the last show before we put together something special for the 100th episode. April is a Disciples of Christ pastor and has served in various leadership positions over the years. But what really makes her qualified for this particular topic is all of the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany traditions she celebrates with her family each year. This interview features a number of ideas people should consider implementing into their own annual traditions. You can find out more about her church here.

You can find my book Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas here or most anywhere you purchase books. Thanks again to Magic Word for the lovely Amazon review. 


Get Assignment Help said...

This interview has left me feeling more connected to the essence of Christmas and the significance of its traditions. I'm inspired to reflect on the deeper meanings behind these celebrations. How do you infuse spiritual and meaningful aspects into your holiday festivities?

John Smith said...

As someone who has sought Professional dissertation help, I found the 99th episode of PostConsumer Reports with Reverend April McClure Stewart incredibly enlightening. Her experience as a Disciples of Christ pastor and the rich Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany traditions she celebrates with her family each year have given me fresh perspectives to consider. Looking forward to the 100th episode!