PostConsumer Reports Podcast Episode 03: Nathan Peterson part 2

Podcast episode 03 is now up, featuring part two of my interview with Nathan Peterson from the band Hello Industry.

We get into some great stuff today.  We hear about their Black and White shows, how the recent tornado affected the release of their album (and messed with Nathan's head), and about how Nathan lost his voice last year (which was all part of God's plan to really shake him up and force him to have to rest).

You can stream the podcast here or download it at the Soundcloud page

Part 1 of the interview can be found here:

Hello Industry's music can be found here:


Jake T said...

Is there an RSS feed for the podcasts?

PostConsumer Reports said...

Jake, at the moment, no. I'm just getting started with all this stuff, which means I haven't gotten to some things yet. My hope is to get one sometime this month.

Jake T said...

Right on--keep me posted!