Reminder: I Still Hate Sufjan Stevens (it's that time of year again)

Well, it's getting close to Christmas and that means people have been pulling out their favorite records of carols and standards to enjoy with the festivities of the season.

Inevitably all the sensitive indie hipsters will pull out their multi-volume Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums (Songs For Christmas and Silver & Gold).  Well before anybody gets carried away waxing poetically about how he redeemed Christmas music for them, I wanted to remind everyone about all the reasons why I (still) hate him.  Last year I wrote a series of posts entitled "Why I Hate Sufjan Stevens". I offer you the links to those articles now, along with a mock interview I did with Sufjan.  Actually, it is just me asking questions...poor ole lil me, asking Sufjan very sincere and well articulated questions without receiving any answers.  Boo hoo.

Sufjan's Silver and Gold: What's it all mean?

Why I Hate Sufjan Stevens: An Introduction

Why I Hate Sufjan Stevens: Reasons #3-6

Why I Hate Sufjan Stevens: A Conclusion

Unanswerable Questions #3a: Sufjan Stevens

And if you're up for listening to Silver & Gold in it's entirety, knock yourself out:


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