In Concert This Week: Why I listen to Fernando Ortega

This coming Saturday, January 25th I will have the privilege of seeing Fernando Ortega in concert at First Baptist Church in Pekin, Illinois (hosted by 88.5 WBNH, which I am very much looking forward to.  I have written at length about Ortega and his music on this blog before and I thought I would share those posts again in anticipation of the event.  I also wanted to share the seven reasons I listen to his music (see below for that).  The concert is already sold out, so I am sorry if you want tickets!

Article links:

1. I saw Ortega in concert a few years ago in Bloomington, IL and before that concert I posted some questions to him in a fake interview, that is, a one sided interview with no answers but only questions (because who would think I could actually get an interview with him, humble blogger that I am). Well, he saw a link to my blog on his own blog and actually took the time to answer my questions!
You can read that "interview" here along with a review of his concert, where afterwards I got to meet him:
Fernando Ortega Interview Exclusive!: For Real This Time
And you can read the one sided interview here: Unanswerable Questions: Fernando Ortega

2. You can read my reflections on his music and its impact on my life here:

Arriving Late to the Party (Item #1): Fernando Ortega

3. You can read my (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) comparison between the worship music of Ortega and Matt Redman here:

Worship Leader Death Match!: 

Fernando Ortega vs. Matt Redman

Also, if you are a fan of Ortega, I am sure you would enjoy reading his blog.  He has not updated it in a few years, but his writing on worship and worship music is very insightful and he gives some behind the scenes info on his last album Come Down O Love Divine:

Fernando Ortega's Blog

And now, something of which I will be tweeting all throughout this week

(at https://twitter.com/PostCnsumrChris):

Why I listen to Fernando Ortega

Reason #1: To remind me of old hymns I've forgotten about, like "Let All Mortal Flesh".

Reason #2: To bring comfort and peace in troubled times, like with "Jesus King of Angels" or "Grace and Peace".

Reason #3: To lead me in prayer, like with "Let the Words of My Mouth".

Reason #4: To find songs to sing at my church, like "Children of the Living God" and "Sing to Jesus".

Reason #5: To find new settings of ancient hymn texts, like "Kyrie" and "Trisagion".

Reason #6: To find heartfelt narrative songs, like "California Town" and "Mildred Madalyn Johnson".

Reason #7: So I can gently hold and rock my children to sleep, while also singing Scripture over them.

Finally, here is a brief interview with Ortega from a few years ago:

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Anonymous said...

I remember that concert in Bloomington! We had driven down for it from our home in South Bend, IN. Won't be able to make it to the Pekin concert unfortunately. Thanks for your blog. We enjoyed reading it and hope you enjoy the concert. I have no doubt that you will.
Art and Ginny G.