So...They're Touring the Rich Mullins Movie Across the Country

This past summer I wrote a post about the Rich Mullins bio-pic they have made called Ragamuffin 
(http://ragamuffinthemovie.com/), and since that time I have wrote a number of Rich Mullins themed posts, not least of which is an interview with Mullins' record producer, Reed Arvin.  This January, the producers of the film had the world premiere of Ragamuffin in Wichita, Kansas and then started touring it around the country.  

You can go here to see if the movie found a screening venue in a place close to where you live: http://ragamuffinthemovie.com/tour/.  

You can also go here to purchase the movie on DVD/BLU-RAY, exclusively at Walmart.

In light of this Rich Mullins activity I thought it would be beneficial to gather links to all the articles I wrote about Mullins into one place, as an easy place for people to read them.  Also, some kind people have written short little reviews of the film in the comments on my blog and I wanted to share them as well, as I think they reveal some of the tensions involved in both making and seeing a movie about the life of Rich Mullins.

Here are the article links:

1. So...They Made a Movie About Rich Mullins...

2. Interview--Reed Arvin: Recording Rich Mullins' 

A Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band 
My interview with Reed Arvin was originally published in a shorter form on 
Christianity Today's website and can be found here:
The Legacy of Rich Mullins's Ragamuffin Band

3. Celebrating 20 Years of Rich Mullins' 

A Liturgy, A Legacy, & A Ragamuffin Band

4. The Theology of Rich Mullins

5. Movie Review: Ragamuffin: The True Story of Rich Mullins

6. Interview: David Leo Schultz on 

Directing the Rich Mullins Movie (text version)

7. Finally, Here is my interview with the film's director, David Leo Schwartz: (here's the Soundcloud link)

And here are some "reviews" of the film taken from the comments on this blog:


...I too was nervous about how this movie would turn out, but after seeing it last night, I was very pleased with the final product. I liked how they told his life story (part of it anyway)using his music. There clearly was a message to be conveyed, but I think that is what movies should do. Having an entire shelf of my library dedicated to Rich Mullins related material and having been a passionate fan for many years, I was not at all disappointed in the movie. Rich's music and teaching have struck a chord in my life for many years now. I consider him the brother (twin) I never had and never really met but feel that I know well. I'd definitely recommend the movie to anyone!
----David, Rich Mullins fan and random internet commenter guy


...The movie was well done, except for the disappearing/reappearing hair (you just have to see the movie). My impression is that it came down on the heavy side. According to the film, Rich was a lonely, depressed,angry, emotionally labile, controlling man who smoked like a freight train, drank like a fish, and did an awful lot of lying in bed when he wasn't driving or performing.

If this is how Rich was behind the scenes-and he was very clear that the fans only saw what he wanted them to see-then he had a "Poser", as Brennan Manning would have put it, of the finest construction during concerts and interviews. There was no joy in this portrayal of Rich, no light in the eyes, no goofy smile, no infectious laugh, no dry jokes and most disappointing, very little of his music. Why do you need a dramatic underscore for Rich driving across the plains when you have "Calling Out Your Name" or "Everywhere I Go"?...

----Anonymous internet commenter

A combination of these reviews sums up my anticipation of this film. I am very hopeful but also still feel a lot of tension about the whole thing. Either way, I cannot wait to see it.

Please enjoy a brief clip from the documentary the filmmakers made as a parallel to the bio-pic, which they are selling at the concerts:

Ragamuffin: A Legacy On Screen from Ragamuffin Movie on Vimeo.

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