Making Myself into a Meme

Here is the source material. Use it as you see fit.

Meme's are fun, yeah?

These little pictorial treasures we discover that make an appropriately funny sentence we attach to them even funnier, often allotting them a deeper meaning as well.

You take a picture like this for instance, which has been given the title "First World Problems"

And then you add a caption:

Or how about my favorite pop culture meme, "The Condescending Wonka"?
Gene Wilder's gleefully patronizing face is appropriate for so many phrases.

Well, a little while ago I was looking through some old pictures of mine and I found this:

I found it perfectly ridiculous. I mean what exactly was I thinking?
Well, I'll tell you. This is what I was thinking:
Do you see the resemblance?
That's a picture of C.S. Lewis, the famous author, from his college days, I think. So, you could say I, in the approach to my bizarro world portrait, wanted to look astute, scholarly, and professorial...but with a 90's flair!

It was taken at my church's 2002 Valentine's Day banquet, and yes, you are correct, I was single at the time. But even when I was dating someone things didn't get much better for me. Check out this gem from the following year's Valentine's banquet, where my wife and I hadn't officially started dating yet but were only calling ourselves "special friends".
Go ahead, feel free to turn this into a meme too...
We were very hip for our times, I assure you. Check out those pleats.

You can see we knew exactly how to stand next to each other and I certainly knew exactly where to place my hands on my "special friend". (nonetheless, she is in fact very beautiful)

And so in re-discovering this old portrait where my intellect literally radiates out of me I saw much potential. I took to Facebook and asked my friends to make their own captions. This they did, bringing me much joy. I too have added my own captions. Many of these are included bellow, hopefully for your enjoyment. 

And I invite you too, faithful, anonymous reader, to make the world a better place, and add your own caption when the muse strikes you. Surely there are endless phrases that can be attached to that face, that pose, that glamour shots background, that barely visible artificial shrubbery.

The only thing is I don't exactly know what this meme should be titled. Perhaps it's not up to me, but here are a few candidates:
  • The Good Christian Kid
  • The Not-as-smart-as-he-thinks Guy
  • Mr. Smug Snobby Pants
  • The Snobby "Oh Really?" Guy

I'll let the internet do it's thing from here.

Please enjoy a choice selection of my meme bellow.

Add caption

Add caption

And finally:
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