PostConsumer Reports Podcast Episode 5: Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Casella

My wife and I first met Jeremy Casella after a 2004 Caedmon's Call concert on their Share the Well tour, where he was the opener. We both really enjoyed his songs and somehow we made our way back to his table afterward where he was selling his music. To my surprise we had a really nice and long conversation, with us sharing our common interests and with me asking him a ton of questions about the music industry. I've seen Jeremy a couple of times since then and have supported his music whenever it's come out. In fact, as I discussed here, I supported the Kickstarter campaign that funded his most recent album Death in Reverse.

Jeremy's been doing some touring this fall and last week, after a few shows around Chicago he stopped in Morton, Illinois for a house show where beforehand I was able to interview him for a podcast episode.

Jeremy is a really gracious person and speaking with him last week made it evident to me his life is in the grip of God. His music has always touched me and, as I mention in the interview there is always this ache to his songs, a kind of holy longing. This is certainly evident on his past two albums but also on his wonderful first album Faith & Heartache and the 10,000 Angels EP (I really recommend you check out the wonderful breakup song "Best Intentions" as well as "Lazarus" from Faith & Hearthache)

Throughout our talk we discussed life on the road, his new album, how the writing of N.T. Wright influenced his songs, whether his music is "Christian" or not, and how Phil Keaggy is his mentor. Stick around towards the end—Jeremy says some amazing things about how beauty and suffering are intertwined, and how the greatest works of art constantly hold these two in tension.

Also, I wanted to send a big thank you to Nick and Lisa Striegel, who hosted the house show. Your hospitality amazed me. Thanks for letting me steal Jeremy away for an hour and thanks for the pizza.

You can stream the podcast here, or go directly to my Soundcloud page: 

Please take some time to listen to and purchase his music from his bandcamp page:

For other information check out his website:

Songs featured on the podcast:
"The Sower", "Sing Me Back", "The City of the Lord", "The Old Cinder of a Burnt Out World", and "Steel Eyes" from Death in Reverse and "The Space Between Living & Dying" from Recovery.

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