PostHumous Record Review Week

It's a big week here at PostConsumer Reports.

It's PostHumous Record Review Week.

These are the greatest albums you are probably not listening to.

Usually, it is just little old me writing everything around here (my name is Chris Marchand, BTW), but this week we will be having some guest writers.

I never envisioned PostConsumer Reports to be all about what I think anyway, so I am happy to share the space and get some other voices heard. I am certainly not the only arbiter of thoughts on the convergence of art and faith. I will be contributing two of the articles this week though.

As I said, we will be doing PostHumous Record Reviews. Here is the tagline:
A personal refection on a long-forgotten album in need of a resurrection.

What I have asked my friends to do is write an essay reflecting on an album they think deserves more attention and acclaim, an album people passed by and did not give much thought to when it first came out. These are both critical and personal reflections. I want some analysis of what is happening musically and lyrically but I also want to hear how their own story is bound up in the album. Really, I just wanted them to write on an album they are passionate about. An album where they go "Why don't more people like this? It's amazing!"

I'll be updating this page throughout the week as the articles keep coming out.

Here is the first one, written by me, featuring what I claim is the greatest pop/rock record to come out of the Christian music industry in the 1990's:

Newsboys' Love Liberty Disco (yeah, that's right—deal with it)

More PostHumous Record Reviews
Aaron Sprinkle's Bareface—featuring guest writer Tyler Swartzentruber

Mavis Staples' We'll Never Turn Back—featuring guest writer Patrick Jenkins

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