PCR Podcast Episode 11: Thom Blair on the Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament and Logos Bible Software

Episode 11 of the PostConsumer Reports Podcast features Thom Blair, editor and translator of the Hebrew English Interlinear English Standard Version (ESV) of the Old Testament. Thom also works for Faithlife and Logos Bible Software. His Hebrew-English version of the ESV is quite frankly amazing. Essentially it features a line of the Hebrew text with another line of the exact English words directly underneath (see below for a video explanation). Thom is a friend of mine and I am honored and astonished to know someone who has accomplished a project such as this. Thom has also been developing Bible study courses and video talks from prominent Bible Scholars that correspond with the different seasons of the church calendar. In our interview we discuss some of the difficulties involved in getting a good Bible translation as well the great studies Logos is currently offering.

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