PCR Podcast Ep32: Pam Destri—The EMT called to the accident that took Rich Mullins' life and injured Mitch McVicker

Pam Destri was on call as a volunteer EMT the night Rich Mullins died and Mitch McVicker got seriously injured in a car accident. Many fans have wondered for years what happened on that night. While Pam doesn't have all the answers she does offer her experience, what she witnessed, some surprising revelations about what the EMT's found, and why she thinks God brought her there in those moments. Part of the episode features talks from me (Chris Marchand) and Pastor Mark Schoenhals (of Living Waters Lutheran Church) about Rich Mullins, a talk from Pam, and then an after-talk interview with Pam. You can read my full address from that night here: Rich Mullins, My Patron Saint

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Unknown said...

When I heard that Rich had died, it was like in the movie Coal Miner's Daughter, when Patsy Cline died and I was Loretta Lynn.
I woke to my radio alarm clock... With my Christian Station morning host with a solemn voice, unusual for him... Telling us this news. I thought I was dreaming. No no no! His death really effected me in many ways, I went through all the grieving processes. The main thing that his death taught me is how to deal with death. I believed if God wanted Rich so bad, a person who was making a difference, a person who grabbed my attention with Christian music, a person who didn't change for THE WORLD. He led me to hold on to Jesus. He led me to the world of Christian music. But mostly Rich led me to not be afraid of death. I gained an understanding of peace of God, to be with Him is our hope of glory. I seldom cry since 1998, or not for long if I do, when someone passes. Because I know where we are all going, and who is there waiting, heaven is waiting...

Unknown said...
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charity said...

Thank you, Chris.
I really appreciate you arranging for us to hear this story.
Cherished for sure.