PCR Podcast Ep31: Mitch McVicker—Singer-songwriter and musician

Mitch McVicker is a singer-songwriter and musician who's released 7 full length albums over the span of his career. He won the Dove award for "Song of the Year" for co-writing "My Deliver" with Rich Mullins. In our chat we talked about his latest album The Grey: When black and white fade, about being a do-it-yourself touring musician, and what it was like playing himself in the Ragamuffin film. Find out more at McVicker's website: http://mitchmcvicker.com/. For past interviews he has done (especially those that go in depth about his time with Rich Mullins) please check the end of this article.

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(NOTE: this is a pretty clunky looking fansite, but it contains lots of biographical info on Mitch, as well as a number interview clips detailing his life story)

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