Let's Not Think About the Election! Let's Listen to Music!—Songs Telling the Story of God

Let's not think about the election! Let's listen to music! 

It's the week before the 2016 presidential election but let's pretend it's not happening. 
Instead, if you happen to find yourself reading this article, please take a few moments to stop what you're doing, click play on the tracks below, and take in some beauty, truth, and goodness. I have curated a play list worthy of your consideration. May they work their way into your soul, embed themselves into your mind, and stir your strength into edifying action.

Today's list (Part 3 of 3):
Songs Telling the Story of Redemption
There is a story being told in our world that gets heard more than all the others. It is a story that makes you afraid. It tells you that if you don't do all you can you will lose everything. It is the kind of story that makes you want to win at all costs. It is a story of power and dominance and progress and accumulation. In this story we pick sides and if you aren't on my side, well, get ready to face the consequences.

But there is an alternate story being told. It is the way of Christ. It is the laying down of our lives willingly for the sake of others. Christ poured himself out and gave life to all the world. This is the story of new creation, of rebirth, of redemption. This is where justice reigns and truth finally wins. God is sovereign in this story and he has told us how the story ends. "Your mercies are new, new every morning..."

Featuring the songs of Rich Mullins, Fernando Ortega, Sara Groves Keith Green/Annie Herring, Andrew Peterson, Matt Redman, and Audrey Assad

While the Nations Rage—Rich Mullins
The world will do what the world will do. It will keep waging its wars and will keep trying to tell a "better" story, but "the Church of God she will not bend her knees to the gods of this world though they promise her peace." No, instead the love of the risen Christ reigns in the hearts of the children who will love while the nations rage.

All the Way to Kingdom Come—Rich Mullins/A Ragamuffin Band/Phil Keaggy

"We didn't know what love was till he came, and he gave love a face and he gave love a name and he gave love away like the sky gives the rain and sun."

Sing to Jesus—Fernando Ortega
"Come and see, look on this mystery: the Lord of the universe nailed to a tree."

The Word—Sara Groves 
As it has aged the verses of this song seem a bit quaint now. Nonetheless there is a power to it. The middle section with the medley of Scriptures is height of the whole song. "The Word was and the Word is and the Word will be."

Mission's Flame—Matt Redman

"Let worship be the fuel for missions flame...Let worship be the heart of worship's aim. To see the nation's recognize your fame. Till every tribe and tongue voices your praise...Send us out."
"You should be the praise of every tongue. You should be the joy of every heart. But until the fullness of your kingdom comes. Until that final revelation dawns...send us out!"

Easter Song—Annie Herring( 2nd Chapter of Acts), Keith Green

May we be a people who proclaims the Good News of the risen Christ! Hallelujah, he is risen!

Behold the Lamb of God—Andrew Peterson w/Fernando Ortega 

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world..."

New Every Morning—Audrey Assad
This is the redemption story. There was death. Then there was life. May the salvation narrative be our story. May it be written on our hearts and our children's hearts. And as we continue to tell the story, may we live the story out, and God may your kingdom come.
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