NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest Original Song Entry

A few weeks ago Tom Hanks' voice appeared in one of the commercial breaks of a podcast I was listening to. The voice of Tom Hanks told me NPR Music was holding a contest for unsigned musicians and that by filming yourself playing an original song, uploading the song to Youtube, and then entering the song in their contest you could win and find yourself touring around the country with NPR (or something like that).

I pretty much do anything Tom Hanks tells me to do, so I rehearsed a song for a number of days and got my video all ready to go.

Above you can listen to "Sweet Little Baby Boy," a song I entered for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, as part of their ongoing Tiny Desk Concert series, which features numerous great artists playing their songs in NPR's studios. 

This is a song I wrote for my infant son, who is now 8 years old now and sleeping fine, but as a baby caused my wife and I to endure years of sleepless nights. "Sweet Little Baby Boy" is my lullaby lament to commemorate the experience.

You can listen to another version of the song on my Bandcamp page:

We'll see what happens with the competition... I'm sure my chances are slim for getting any attention from the song, but I consider it an accomplishment to simply take the initiative of entering the contest.

I could write a whole essay about this song, but for now I'll let it exist as a work unto itself.

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