Podcast Archive: David Leo Schultz on Directing Ragamuffin

This archive episode of the podcast features my February 2014 interview with director, actor, and writer David Leo Schultz. We discussed Ragamuffin, the biopic he made about the life of singer-songwriter Rich Mullins. It was officially the 4th episode of the podcast, made back in the unofficial days. You can read the text version of this interview here: David Leo Schultz on Directing the Rich Mullins Movie (text version) And you can listen to my more recent interview with David here: David Leo Schultz Director of Brennan.

David's been busy since we first talked. Along with directing the Brennan Manning biopic he also starred in a number of online shorts, started the Ragamuffin Retreats ministry, and is even in the development stages of doing a film about St. Francis. You can find out more info here: http://colorgreenfilms.com/

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