Ep 56: Andrew Osenga—musician, producer, consultant, podcaster

Andrew Osenga is a veteran musician, artist, and producer. Lead singer and founding member of The Normals, Osenga also had a stint as the lead guitarist and vocalist for Caedmon's Call, and continues to record and tour with Andrew Peterson's band. He is the kind of songwriter that can lay your soul bare, while also injecting a killer riff to stick in your head. Lately Osenga has morphed into an artist mentor and consultant, as well as a podcaster with The Pivot, which focuses on interviews with people who find themselves changing direction mid-career and doing something they never expected to be doing. I was able to sit down with Osenga before the Rich Mullins Window Rock Tribute concert and couple of weeks ago. A week later, Osenga found himself playing in Andrew Peterson's A Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band tribute concert at the Ryman in Nashville. You can discover his music, his podcast, and everything else he does at:

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