Ep 57: Does Christian Music Need a Savior? UTR Media's Dave Trout Thinks So

Dave Trout is an industrious guy. He's the kind of person I understand. He has big dreams and big plans for his company UTR Media and the music festival he puts on every year Escape to the Lake (http://escapetothelake.net/). The thing is, Dave's field of expertise is a niche interest, in his case "Christian music" or CCM. In other words, Dave Trout is a Christian music nerd. But that's OK, he is in safe company here at PostConsumer Reports.

Ep 57 of the PCR Podcast features my conversation with Dave about his re-launch of UTR Media, which has already started with 5 new podcasts and looks to continue with live concerts, videos, interviews, and articles featuring independent music by Christian artists. 

Music industry has changed significantly in the past 15 or so years, changes which have forced the CCM industry to become an increasingly small pond consisting of increasingly unvaried lifeforms. With UTR Media Dave is hoping to stir things up, to explode the pond even into a lake or a river....anyway, enough with metaphors.... Dave is just as disgusted and unsatisfied as you are with the sounds of Christian radio and his hope is to provide a place where great music can be heard and incredible artists can be discovered. Check out the interview below, their new promo video, and all their new podcasts on whatever podcasting app you use the most.
You can read my profile on UTR's annual Escape to the Lake Music Festival here.

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