Ep 67: Singer-songwriter John Van Deusen

Singer-songwriter and musician released his latest album Every Power Wide Awake late last year, and it's slowly been building buzz with people on the look out for great independent music as well as with church worship leaders. Here's the brief review of the album that I left on Van Deusen's Bandcamp page
This album might be a masterpiece. I rarely say such things.

This is worthy of many listens.
So yes, take a listen to his album and then listen to our interview. We go in-depth about his career in the music industry (he previously fronted the band The Lonely Forest for over a decade) and the stories behind the songs on the new album. John also graciously allowed me to use excerpts from tracks on the album, which can be streamed through the Bandcamp app.

Other links:
John's website: http://johnvandeusen.com/
John's record label: http://www.monopathrecords.com/

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