Ep 66: Alec DeJesus on almost giving up on art and then choosing to keep going

Artist Alec DeJesus was first a guest on the podcast a year ago. Since then he's had some of his highest highs and lowest lows. He found success with an art commission through Broward College in Florida, painting two murals for them, but then progress on the murals wasn't happening and he almost gave up on art altogether. In the end he didn't abandon his art career and he found tremendous success in actually getting the murals done and inspiring a group of young artists at the college. Episode 66 of the podcast is an often raw and vulnerable conversation where Alec delves into all the struggles an artist carries with them in the audacious attempt to get their art made.

Here are some recent articles detailing Alec's work, focusing especially on his murals in Florida:
Journal Star Article on Painting the Planter in the West Bluff and Photo Gallery
Widower's Grief Blog Profile
Profile on the murals with Amsterdam Street Art
Graphite Gallery Artist Page

Past Podcast Episodes on Peoria Area Artists:
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