PCR Podcast Episode 21: Carol McPherson on the Church Being a Patron for the Arts

Carol McPherson is the Director of Discipleship and Fine Arts Ministries at First United Methodist Church in Peoria, Illinois. She is also the director of the Foster Gallery for Christianity and the Fine Arts, which runs out of First United. In our interview we talk about how the Church can be a patron for the arts, about what it means to bring true justice and acceptance to people, and about her former life as a country and western singer. Carol also has a PhD. in liturgical studies from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. 

Through the month of August 2016 the exhibit "Unseen Voices" is on display at the Foster Gallery, located at 116 Perry Ave., Peoria. Check below for examples of the artists on display for the month. The exhibit, which was juried by local artist Blair Jeffers (you can view her work here: https://blairjeffers.wordpress.com/), features Peoria area artists who's art you might otherwise not have an opportunity to see. For Peoria First Friday (August 5), the gallery will be open from 5-8 p.m.

Foster Gallery Page—for more hours and more information.
Peoria Journal Star article on the exhibit.
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Here are a few of the works on display at the "Unseen Voices" exhibit. My apologies to the artists for the poor quality photos. Contact the gallery for purchase prices and availability.
"Olivia"—Kagan Masters
"My Faith"—Jaci Musec
"Rhythm and Mark in Time"—Kent Wagenschutz 

"Grand Sun"—Alec DeJesus

"Let Nature Be Your Teacher"—Rachel Newell

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