Ep 73: Phil Joel on his new book and being in Newsboys and Zealand

On Ep 73 of the PostConsumer Reports Podcast we have Phil Joel, notably of the bands Newsboys, Zealand, and also a prolific solo music career, who has just released his first book Redwoods and Whales. You will need to read the book to discover Joel's inspirational meaning, but essentially it is much better if we end up like a redwood and not a whale (of the beached variety...). You can find links of where to buy the book at his website: http://www.philjoel.com/. While currently gearing up for another Zealand album, Joel is also in the midst of the successful Newsboys United "Greatness of Our God" tour, which finds him reuniting with Peter Furler, his former bandmates, and Michael Tait of DC Talk who has be leading the band for the past several years. In our conversation we discuss the tensions of songwriting in the Christian industry, what led him to write his book, and his reflections on the lates chapter of being a Newsboy.

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