Ep 74: Charlie Peacock—Artist, Producer, and Writer

Ep 74 features an interview with Charlie Peacock, an artist with four decades of experience in the music industry as a songwriter and solo artist and a producer for renowned artists like Switchfoot, The Civil Wars, Audio Adrenaline, and Marc Martel. Our conversation ranges from his thoughts on fame, the state of the Christian music industry, and the wisdom he's gained from getting debilitatingly sick after years of pushing himself past his limits. His new album Lil' Willie is available on various streaming services, his recent autobiographical writings and podcasts done with his wife Andi can be found at https://thewriterthehusband.com/ and more info on what Peacock is currently working on can be found at https://www.charliepeacock.com/ Much of his recent music is available for free on Facebook, which you can find here: www.facebook.com/sound
Peacock is one of my life-long musical and artistic heroes, and it was a true honor to spend some time with him. Finally, those wishing to purchase his recent re-release of West Coast Diaries Vol 2 on vinyl can do so through Discogs.
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