Bonus Ep: Stu G on The Beatitudes Film and Study Guide

Stu playing "Heaven Is Around Us" with John Mark McMillan.
Featured are The Beatitudes Project film and study guide.
Two years ago I got to interview Stu G, one of my musical heroes, and formerly of the band Delirious. At the time he had just released The Beatitudes Project and Words From the Hill, an ambitious album and book, both based on Jesus's "Sermon on the Mount." He said he was also finishing a film documenting the making of the album as well as interviews and discussions with the people who helped inspire the writing of his book. Tantalizingly, Stu didn't exactly know when the film would be complete. Now, two years later, the film has finally come out on both Blu-ray and available to stream, and he was written a study guide to go with it for small groups and churches. His Beatitudes project is finally complete. You can visit their website to find out more or to purchase it individually or in packages: 

And you can listen to my full interview with Stu G from 2017 here: 
Ep 50: Stu G on The Beatitudes Project

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Here is one of the trailers for the film:

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