Ep 80: Dr. Susan K. Roll on December 25 and the origins of Christmas

Episode 80 of the podcast features my interview with Dr. Susan K. Roll with her expert and scholarly insights into the origins of December 25 as the date for Christmas. The author of the book Toward the Origins of Christmas, my conversation with Dr. Roll touches on the earliest documents adhering to that date and how to address the pagan origins and influences on the holiday (as well as how the early church distinguished itself from them). As a Catholic lay woman, we also discuss her passions, insights, and ongoing work of being an advocate for women's ordination in the Catholic church.

You can purchase Dr. Roll's book Toward the Origins of Christmas from her publisher
(because Amazon is far too expensive!) and find one of her published articles here:
Christmas in Fear—or looking over one's shoulder at the creche
Also, the Christianity Today article mentioned in my opening can be found here: C.S. Lewis Was a Grinch

This interview was done in research for my own book 
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