Ep 81: Rain For Roots' Flo Paris Oakes and Katy Hutson

Episode 81 features my interview with Flo Paris Oakes and Katy Hutson of the children's worship music group Rain For Roots, who are described as "a collective group of musicians and songwriters who write singable Scripture songs for kids and grown ups alike." They released their fourth album All Creatures this spring, which focuses primarily on settings of the Psalms. Each of their albums carry an underlying concept, from the call and response poetry of Sally Lloyd-Jones (of Jesus Storybook Bible fame), to settings of Jesus' parables, to songs of waiting for the season of Advent. I have listened to their music since the very beginning and have incorporated a few of their songs into the regular worship repertoire at my own church. I guess you could say I'm a huge fan, and this latest album might just be my all around favorite. Simply put: it is great songwriting and musicianship. Sandra McCracken is also in the group and was unable to join us for the interview. Alice Smith, who is a co-songwriter in the group, helped to set up the interview.

Fun fact: Katy's husband Kenny, who produced their records and plays multiple instruments on them, has visited my church a few times while on tour with David Crowder.

Please check below the episode for more links, including an article that delves into their new album with more depth.

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