BONUS Episode: The REAL War on Christmas

It's the REAL war on Christmas! It's THE real war on Christmas! It's the real WAR on Christmas! It's the real war on CHRISTMAS! You get what I'm saying? This is a talk I gave for the the Tent Talks podcast Patreon subscribers, but I'm offering it you here for free as a way of enticing you to go and listen to Tent Talks. There's a lot of great conversations on that podcast. For instance, coming up in 2022 our first episode is with a former U.S. presidential candidate. I wonder who it will be? To be sure, their name certainly doesn't rhyme with Schmillary Macklinton!  If you're interested in part one of this talk about resting and debauchery at Christmastime, please see the Tent Talks podcast.

Also, I've released a new Christmas song for the end of 2021. It's my electronic version of "What Child Is This?" Go have yourself an Xmas dance party! You can find my older Christmas album here. Also, here is last year's Christmas episode! (You're welcome!)

Oh hey, did you know I wrote a book about Christmas! It's all about the Christmas Culture Wars! And by the end of it, I've certainly won them. All of them. I am the victor. Here are all the places displaying the spoils of my victory:

Christian Book Distributors
Wipf and Stock
Barnes and Noble
Google Play
Lagron Miller (Roman Catholic book, gift, and vestment store in Peoria, Illinois)
Thrift Books

You can stream the new song directly here:

1 comment:

Rob Weber said...

Hey, Chris, I just listened to your Christmas Episode. Yeah, I'm a little behind. I have over 100 podcasts in my feed right now, between news, music production and soccer. Anyway, I really enjoyed the Tent Talk and found it quite thought provoking.

However, the reason for my contact is to tell you how much your presentation and delivery reminded me of another podcast that I love, Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell (of 10,000 hours fame). If you should find yourself with some spare time (what, too soon?) I recommend checking it out, as I think you would like it.

Seriously, though, sorry to hear about the church plant. I can't wait to hear what God has next for you, and what He as uniquely prepared you for.

Give my best to the family - especially your Mom.