Ep. 95: Austin Freeman on his book Tolkien Dogmatics

 Author and professor Austin Freeman joins episode 95 to discuss his book Tolkien Dogmatics, a theological reading of J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Dr. Freeman is a professor at Houston Christian University where he teaches on theology, literature, and apologetics and has also contributed to other books on theological approaches to science fiction and fantasy. He will be a speaker at Urbana Theological Seminary's 2023 Tolkien Conference where Chris Marchand (the guy who runs PostConsumer Reports) will also be a speaker. You can register for it here. With the main speaker being Craig A. Boyd on Friday September 22, Dr. Freeman and Chris will be delivering their talks in the online sessions on Friday, September 23.

Melody Green was featured on a previous episode of the podcast, also talking about Tolkien. Also, Professor Mike Foster, who was influential in so many people's lives as a teacher of Tolkien and who died this past year, was on an earlier episode discussing his life and love of Tolkien's works.

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