Ep 94: Rachel Wilhelm on Singing The Words of Jeremiah


Rachel Wilhelm joins the podcast once again to discuss her new album Jeremiah, a collection of song adapted from the words of the prophet Jeremiah. Like with previous episodes this interview is also a kind of deep dive "radio special" for the album featuring excerpts of the song and the background behind them. Rachel previously appeared on the podcast discussing her album Requiem and she has even written an article for PostConsumer Reports the blog. Please check out her work on Bandcamp and all the streaming platforms, book her for songwriting retreat through United Adoration, or check out the music she's contributed for other projects through Cardiphonia and Resound Worship.

You can find her work on Bandcamp (where CD's can be purchased).
You can book a creative or songwriting retreat through United Adoration.
You can hear some other recordings and collaborations with Resound Worship and Cardiphonia.
Chris will speaking about teaching Tolkien to young people at the Tolkien Conference, which you can attend in person and online.

Rachel has previously appeared on the PostConsumer podcast here, she wrote a blog article here, and Chris reviewed her lament album here.

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