Ep 88: Rachel Wilhelm on Composing a Modern Requiem

Rachel Wilhelm is a songwriter and church music leader who has recently released her new album and work Requiem, which draws from ancient and modern texts and musical styles to offer us a meditation on death, grief, and our hope in the resurrection. Our conversation, along with these set of songs, offers us a chance to slow down and contemplate what it means that our days our numbered and how we are to best live in the time we have left. You can find Rachel's music at: https://www.rachelwilhelm.com/ or https://rachelwilhelm1.bandcamp.com/.

She also leads songwriting retreats and offers other resources for songwriters and artists within the church through United Adoration (https://www.unitedadoration.com/) and leads music at Apostles Anglican Church in Knoxville, Tennessee (https://www.apostlesonline.org/)
. Her writing was featured on PostConsumer Reports a few years ago in the article "Revisiting the Liturgy of 'Divorce': a reflection on Moda Spira's new album," and her album Songs of Lament was also featured in a previous article.

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