Ep 87: Harmony Smith Vineyard Worship Leader, Songwriter, and Pastor

Harmony Smith is the Director of Worship for the Vineyard Movement in the UK & Ireland where she encourages, raises up, and trains worship and music leaders. She also co-pastors Belfast City Church with her husband Andy. She joins PostConsumer Reports to discuss her song "You Have Our Yes," specifically how people in Ireland and America might wrestle with its lyrics differently and the responsibility that church worship leaders have to not only lead people to God but also challenge them to love their neighbors as themselves. From her bio: "Harmony is a worshiper, songwriter and pastor whose heart is all about seeing people connect with Jesus in a lifestyle of worship. This passion is particularly clear in her songs, which can be found on several Vineyard UK & Ireland worship albums, including Creator, Spirit Burn, The Feast and most recently, Legacy – Live from Ireland. She has also just released ‘You Have Our Yes’ a call to unity in the face of increasing division, chaos and distraction, inviting the people of God to offer their 'yes' and their full allegiance to Jesus."

You can watch the music video for "You Have Our Yes," featuring  Marc James and Cathy Burton HERE and stream or download the other music heard on this episode at Vineyard's Bandcamp page, or any place you stream music. 

Harmony interviewed political theologian Stephen Backhouse, who Chris produces the Tent Theology podcast with, on the Vineyard UK podcast, which you can watch HERE or listen to HERE. Stephen's thoughts were a partial inspiration for "You Have Our Yes," and he was also an early guest on PostConsumer Reports.

You can download the chord chart and lyrics to "You Have Our Yes," Here, or find other worship resources at:  //www.vineyardchurches.org.uk

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