Ep 47: Dr. Lester Ruth on the history of Contemporary Worship

Episode 47 features an interview with Dr. Lester Ruth on the history of contemporary worship in the Church. The research professor Christian worship at Duke Divinity School, Dr. Ruth co-authored his new book Lovin' on Jesus: A Concise History of Contemporary Worship with Dr. Swee Hong Lim, assistant professor of Sacred Music at Emmanuel College in Toronto. Our interview covers numerous topics related to contemporary worship, including differences how "Mainline" and "Pentecostal" churches do contemporary worship, some of the little known figures in the early contemporary movement, and whether or not we have made music into a sacrament in contemporary worship. You can find Dr. Ruth's personal page here: https://divinity.duke.edu/faculty/lester-ruth

You can purchase Lovin on Jesus at Amazon or Cokesbury.

Check below for a list of PostConsumer Reports articles on worship and liturgy, as well as an hour long seminar taught by Dr. Ruth on the subject of the new book.

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