Article Link: "Confession: I am an Irrelevant Worship Pastor"

I happy to announce an article of mine, "Confession: I am an Irrelevant Worship Pastor" just went up on Worship Leader Magazine's website.  I literally sent the article off a week ago, not knowing it would be published at all, and there it is up there now on the website.

The article is a very condensed version of an article that I will put up on this blog sometime in the future.  It is the first part of a series I am calling "Worship in Full Spectrum", which is my take on worship leading and worship music.

Here's a brief excerpt:

I have actually chosen to walk away from the pressure to either be on the cutting edge of worship music or to know every worship song both past and present. Instead, I have made peace with slowly becoming an irrelevant worship pastor. I am fine with being out-o f-touch, out-of-date, behind the times, and ir-relevant when it comes to my song selection and my “style” as a music leader. I am not concerned with making my worship band sound like U2 or even Mumford and Sons, and I am not focused on trying to look the part of a stylish worship pastor. Instead, my time and energy is focused on the simple task of getting the people in my community to sing and to sing to God; to turn their song into prayer and the outcry of their heart into melody. This is and should be THE focus, the primary task of a church music leader.

Update: Worship Leader Magazine took down my article after a year or so, so here is a link to the larger version of the article on my blog: 

And for posterity's sake (and the upholding of my reputation) here is a screen shot proving the article was at one time on Worship Leader's website:

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