PostConsumer Reports Podcast Episode 01: Hungry Henri's Creator Brandon Lulay

He's a houseplant.  He's lost in the dark. And he speaks French. Please help!
I am pleased to announce a new venture here at PostConsumer Reports: the
PostConsumer Reports Podcast.

As I have stated before I am full of lots of questions. Questions that deserve answers.

Sometimes those questions do actually get answered, like with Fernando Ortega or Rich Mullins' producer Reed Arvin (check out the Christianity Today article here).  And sometimes they go unanswered, like with Sufjan Stevens or Keith Green (for obvious reasons). But then there are times when I have enough questions that it would be better to just sit down with someone and have a long chat with them. The radio and podcast formats are just a superior venue for the longterm interview.

And so here is where I find myself: A friend of mine, Brandon Lulay, has spent over a year developing an app game for iphones and ipads called Hungry Henri.  Last week I sat down with Brandon and had a conversation about his game, among other things.  Please check out the podcast by visiting the PostConsumer Reports' Soundcloud page:

But if anything go the the Apple app store and get the game: 

Hungri Henri for iphone

Hungry Henri for ipad

Also, here is Geoglyph labs' website

and here is where you can like them on Facebook

For those who have listened to the podcast, here is where you can find the article we discussed about Douglas Hofstadter and Artificial Intelligence.

And here is where you can find my music: http://chrismarchand.bandcamp.com/

Check out their teaser trailer

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