Ep 84: Jonathan Hodges of Bomethius on his new album Seasons of Limbo

Thanks to his mother, Jonathan Hodges learned to not take himself too seriously from an early age, even to the extent of coming up with the esoteric alter ego name Bomethius when it came time for him to begin composing and performing his music. Jonathan plays violin, guitar, piano, and is even known to whistle a fine tune. His new album is called Seasons of Limbo and features songs about pursuing love and friendship in the time of COVID, tornadoes in major metropolitan areas, and the ever allusive pursuit of finding true community.

Our far-reaching conversation dives into how he came to record an album with his uncle, muses on David Bentley Hart and Kierkegaard, ponders how to navigate the crisis moments of one's life, and dares to ask whether the Poet will ever be allowed by God to fulfill the role God created them for.

You can find the music of Bomethius at his website: http://www.bomethius.com/

On Bandcamp: https://bomethius.bandcamp.com/

Or wherever you stream music.

You can listen to the episode here (over wherever you ingest podcasts):

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