Ep 85: Singer-songwriter Rick Lee James

Episode 85 features and interview with Rick Lee James, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, recording artist, and music pastor. He joined PostConsumer Reports to discuss his songwriting and recording process, the struggle to lead church music during the time of COVID (when we are not singing together), being able to authentically address people's pain through worship music, and his Mister Rogers podcast "Welcome to the Neighborhood." Rick has a podcast of his own, "Voices in My Head," which has had numerous guests over the years, including an interview with Chris discussing his 12 days of Christmas book. A couple of months ago Rick was a guest on one of Chris's other podcasts "Between the Songs" discussing "Thunder," an early Rich Mullins song he recorded for his album of the same name. Rick is releasing some new music over the coming months, so be on the lookout for it.

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