PostHumous Book Review Week

Earlier this year we had a week long segment featuring what I call PostHumous Record Reviews, which are "personal reflections on a long-forgotten album in need of a resurrection."

Well to kick off the summer we are going to have a week of PostHumous Book Reviews: Personal reflections on books worthy of a re-read

Once again we will feature guest writers along with myself—friends of mine who graciously contributed their work.

The requirements for the book reviews are a little less strict than for the album reviews, which I wanted to be albums that people initially passed over or don't listen to much anymore. All the books this week are relatively well known and one of them is a recent release. But hey, people are reading less and less and some are even prophesying the death of the novel, so anything to get books and novels more attention, right?

Our first PostHumous Book Review comes from yours truly and is a reflection on the classic historical nonfiction memoir The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom.

"The Mundane Miracles of the Hiding Place" by Chris Marchand

Next we have:

"The Time Travelers Wife and Sanctification" by guest writer Dan Leman

And finally:

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